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Micro Hottie Microwavable Hot Water Bottle Replacement Core


  • This is a standard size hottie heat pack
  • It fits all the covers and wraps apart from the small animal shaped 'spottie hotties'
  • It also fits the Snuggler brand if you have one of those
  • Heating instructions are printed on the core - do NOT overheat!


  • 18cm x 20cm or 7 inches x 8 inches

You should NEVER use the core without a cover

    1.    The cover helps keep the core warm - without the thermal cover the pad will get cold quickly
    2.    The core can be too hot without the thermal cover and can cause burns.
These cores do NOT actually contain gel - they are a patented design for safety of water-impregnated, non-woven pads in a specially sealed laminate pouch - but if you like the gel bottles you will love these - much safer.


Replacement Core - £8.99
Upgrade to 1st Class* - £1.00
*This upgrades your entire order to 1st Class Postage.
Please contact us for international orders.